Sunday, January 6, 2008

German Bodyguards, the Mysterious Mojito, and Secret Police

Cairo is a city that never I fit right in. Its the only place I know where I can come back to the hotel from touring and sleep from 6pm to 12am, then get up and go out without missing a beat.

Whether its relaxing and having good conversation over some Turkish coffee (delicious!) and the sweet scent of mango sheesha or spending an hour trying to find some alleged but unknown nightspot, there is always something to keep you occupied at any hour of the night.

The day is what you would expect in a city populated by 17 million people--cars, people, noise. Yesterday we went to the market. It was 4 hours of narrow passageways, dirt roads and incessant merchants who beg and plead for your money (so much to where one of us was offered a stray cat that happened by and one shopkeeper tried to sell the same empty coke bottle that someone had just given him to throw away). Most of us came out unscathed, I lost a 100 LE note somewhere, another was pick-pocketed, and im sure more than a few were ripped off. Nevertheless, it was quite an adventure.

Last night was even better, but I probably shouldnt go into too much detail. The title of this blog is sufficient enough.

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