Thursday, January 10, 2008

Peeking Over the Walls

Imagine walking into every episode of the History Channel, Discovery Channel, and every National Geographic you've every read about Egypt, that would be an introduction to what we've seen and experienced. Everywhere we go we get a glimpse of the past and future of Egypt. What struck me one afternoon as Ron and I were relaxing by the pool was that sitting at our level we could have been relaxing by the pool at any spot in the world. It was when I stood up and looked over the walls that I saw the culture of Luxor; nearly every rooftop is unfinished, there are satellite dishes, and shelters that resemble our nativity creches on many, many of the buildings. The poverty and simplicty of life around us is startling. This simple reminder impacts everything I see now. I'm aware that in every situation from gazing at ancient monuments to spending time with friends I'm peeking over the walls.

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