Tuesday, January 8, 2008

My favorite part of Cairo

Although we have seen many sights and wonders, one thing still seems to astonish me. If I could sum it all up with one word it would be: hospitality. Here we are in a place with different cultures, ideologies, geography, but still the warmth and accomodation we feel from everyone here has been incredible. From the dialogue with Amur and Sidrach the Coptic priest to being able to witness a Sudanese Anglican worship, everything has been nothing short of amazing. Sharing love and stories with one another is what makes our world seem much smaller than it truly is. Seen the smiles on faces of people of many nations makes travel all the more worthwhile. Despite the conflicts and struggles that many of the everyday Egyptian people face, they still look at us as people who are trying to see the wonders of their world. They appreciate the fact that we are strangers in their land, and many have tried very hard to make us feel at home. Some of the greatest conversations I've had have been in the back of a cab, talking about Egyptian football and the dangers of paying unfair prices at Khan al Kalili. These simple conversations have helped me to feel "welcomed as a stranger" in the beautiful land of Egypt.

God bless and be safe!

Jim Penuel.

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