Saturday, January 12, 2008

A Tribute to the Pharaoh

While the Divinity students have spent their morning at the Cairo Evangelical Seminary, the undergrads have enjoyed a nice morning off, reflecting and enjoying the city. For sheer entertainment purposes we have written a poem about a common experience here in Egypt and it is as follows ...

(Dedicated to all of those who have suffered, are suffering, and will suffer from the wrath of the Pharaoh)

The Pharaoh's Revenge

Amr warned us about Pharaoh's revenge
Often following an Egyptian food binge.
Only hygienic kitchens he would say
As for the rest - just stay away.
He always gave us great advice,
But sometimes it was just the wrong spice
That wake the Pharaoh from the dead
And send you immediately to bed.
Avoid most veggies and fruits
Or else you might have more than poots.
Those peeled and cooked are acceptable
But be wary about that one bad vegetable
Which can knock you off your feet
And send you to that most uncomfortable seat.
While some made it out straight and clean,
Others caused some minor scenes.
The Pharaoh will wake you at night,
But a few extra flushes make it alright.
Still Wake students refuse to be beaten.
Its Tums, Pepto, and Immodium we've eaten.
Although some have met him on the bus,
We will not be bringing him back with us

... we hope ...

~ sincerely,
 the Wake Undergrads Egypt '08

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