Saturday, January 5, 2008

Things We've Learned in Egypt

In addition to learning lots about history and religion here in Egypt, there are several other truths that we have discovered...

1.) Only get into a taxi if you are willing to put your life on the lanes, no lights, no rules, NO MERCY!
2.) Everything is cheap and is probably cheaper if you haggle, haggle, haggle!
3.) Even though we're in Egypt, McDonald's fries (and chicken nuggets) are still a good late night snack.
4.) The Cairo Jazz Club has very little emphasis on the "jazz" part and a lot more emphasis on the "club" part (i.e. they play techno music from a DJ).

That's all for now, but if anyone else on the trip has any other life lessons learned, please post to comments!


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Greg said...

Some more:

If you cross the street (or attempt to cross the street) in Cairo, you are playing a life-and-death game of Frogger.

Vendors at the market have the best lines:
"I don't know what you looking for, but I have everything you want."
"Everything for free!" (not true)
"America! My favorite country!"
"How can I take your money today?"